by The Hard Way

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released September 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Hard Way Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Dumping Ground
Staring down on the street below,
It's all right there to see.
How can it be, to stay so content,
With such a fucking mess?

I guess, if most of my time felt a pointless,
As you find yours,
I'd not be able to find a great deal else.

We know so much more,
Thank you'll ever dream of
Its doesn't get any better than this.

Night after night, this could be anywhere.

And I try, to get a better sense
Of what exactly this all means.
I Don't know if I could stand myself
If that was my life.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Still staring down,
Not happy now, you'll never be.
Track Name: In The Red
Black Cloud, follows behind
Rays breaking through, but right now I'm blind
Wind gathers, dragging pace
Direction never changing looking back in case.

Clean sailing, from time to time
High pressure is beating me down

Sinking feeling, slowly below
Time after time, still with nothing to show

High pressure, picking up again

Not given a chance, from the beginning
Not one chance to save
I told myself, I won't repeat it
Not one lesson learned.
Track Name: The Temp
Hey you, jump on to something new
What's it gonna be this time?
Not sure anyone really cares at all
A year or two and you'll be gone
But sure, try to prove yourself
Someone's gotta be listening
Front and centre, telling it how it is

You've run, you've crawled
You've scaled the city walls
But you still havent found what you're looking for

Now start again, what is it today?
I'm sure its really real this time
But dont worry, this crowd don't know you yet
And they sure as hell won't care when you're gone

Something tells me, that it really don't matter
Why bother waste my energy
I'll make a bet with myself on this
Go ahead and prove me wrong

You've run, you've crawled
You've scaled the city walls
But you still haven't found what you're looking for

When will you find what you're looking for?
Track Name: Whats Been Left Behind
From my position its plain to see
You never got where you wanted to be
Atop my pedestal looking down below
Where did it go wrong?

Half way with nothing to show
Life just passed by whilst planning the next move

So tick the boxes
Keep up with the rest
What are you doing helping others?
You can barely help yourself

So as I look down to see
Whats been left behind
I start to appreciate what it took
To wake up day after day
Hating every minute
Hoping this wasn't it

That's not the life I'd choose to lead
Where will I be when I hit that wall?